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Kiana Pieters

Kiana photo

Kiana grew up in Mexico and has Dutch-Indonesian and Canadian roots. She has always loved movement, music, dancing, and most of all—flying. After earning a science degree in college, she decided to run away and join the circus and has now been pursuing her cirque dream for almost 2 years. 

Currently, she is focused on training Aerial Silks, Cyr Wheel, and German Wheel, but also trains Lyra, Partner Acro, Contemporary Dance, and loves discovering and learning new disciplines and skills (like Spanish Web and stilt walking). Most recently she performed in Caroline Calouche & Co.’s Stargazerand Clara’s Trip, and CC&DC’s Wizard of Oz, and is eager to continue performing and growing. She loves adventures, sunshine, singing and playing guitar, and good fantasy, and she aspires to share hope, joy, and light with those around her.  

Kiana in an aerial hoop
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