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CC&Co. has extensive experience in partnering for corporate and private. Every event is different; therefore, we do not post a price list.

we'll be happy

to join your


If you are interested in hiring us, below are some general questions about your event:

  • When is your event (date and time)

  • Venue Location: Indoors or Outdoors?

  • What is the floor plan/ event layout?

  • What is your budget?

  • What type of event?

  • Costume desires or colors?

  • How many performers?

  • What style of dance or aerial apparatus?

  • How long do you wish to have performers performing?

  • Are we performing to set music or part of the atmosphere?

Please email your answers to for a quote.

General FAQs

Most aerial apparatus need a minimum of 15′ clearance height

and 8′ diameter circumference.

Our outdoor/portable rig is 20’x20’x20′.  It needs a flat surface.

No gravel. We do not rig in trees.

Dance space is a minimum of 20′ x 20′.

We cannot do 100% exchange for fundraising events.  We have hard costs that we must cover to keep our dancers safe.

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