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Clara's Trip

A Cirque & Dance Nutcracker Story

Dec 7 - 10
Booth Playhouse, 130 N. Tryon St.

A contemporary twist on a holiday classic.

Clara attends a holiday party hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Flowers.  At the party, she meets Beau and they dance the night away.  Only one problem.  Clara is a passionate dancer but not the most coordinated.  She trips, falls and is whisked off to the hospital to learn that her ankle is broken.  That night her friends and get-well gifts swirl in her dreams.  Come one, come all to the perfect holiday treat for your friends and family!

Full Show Run Time

Act 1: 40 minutes

15 minute intermission

Act 2: 35 minutes

Total: 90 minutes

Children's Show Run Time

60-70 minutes without an intermission

white woman suspended in a sling facing upward and black male dancer arched back standing on 1 leg and other leg in the air in a split. clara's Trip poster design

show times

December 7: 7:30pm 

December 8: 7:30pm 

December 9: 11am Children's Show

December 9: 4pm Children's Show

December 9: 7pm 

December 10: 1pm Children's Show

December 10: 4pm 

Children's Show is a 1 hour show.

All performances will have the following available for people with learning disabilities or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment:


Sound dampening headphones

Fidget toys

Calming Area in the Upper Gallery Lobby

Know Before You Go document that will include which scenes have loud music or abrupt lighting changes.

2023 Cast

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