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The Nightingale


Friday, April 17 (CMS Spring Break)

Monday, April 20

$12 Per Student and Chaperone

$10 Per Student and Chaperone for Title 1 Schools 

World Premiere

Today we interact less in person than a generation ago due to technology.  How is this affecting our culture as a whole? As individuals?  Will your job be replaced by AI (artificial intelligence)? These questions were once the topic of science fiction books and fairytales like Hans Christian Anderson’s 1844 classic fairytale ‘The Nightingale’ and now we are faced with the reality that they could come true.

Artistic Director Caroline Calouche’s contemporary version of ‘The Nightingale’ has the main character, Mary, a CEO who loves the latest tech gadget.  She travels to the African tropics for vacation and hears the loveliest of birds singing.  The nightingale sings the most beautiful songs and Mary has her assistant capture the bird to take home.  One day Mary receives a gift of a mechanical bird that looks like the nightingale and sings just as sweetly.  Mary’s love of gadgets takes over and she lets the real nightingale free.  After a few weeks of listening to the same song from the mechanical nightingale, Mary becomes deeply depressed that Death comes knocking.  Mary’s assistant finds the nightingale and persuades her to return to sing for Mary.  Death is so charmed by the music and spares Mary.

Community Engagement

Clara’s Trip


A Cirque & Dance Nutcracker Story

Friday, December 13, 10am

Wednesday, December 18, 10am  - SOLD OUT

$12 Per Student and Chaperone

$10 Per Student and Chaperone for Title 1 Schools 

1 Hour

Booth Playhouse, 130 N. Tryon St.

A contemporary twist on a holiday classic.

Clara attends a holiday party hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Flowers.  At the party, she meets Beau and they dance the night away.  Only one problem.  Clara is a passionate dancer but not the most coordinated.  She trips, falls and is whisked off to the hospital to learn that her ankle is broken.  That night her friends and get-well gifts swirl in her dreams.  Come one, come all to the perfect holiday treat for your friends and family!

Photo: The Hough Family: Alison (mother) Cordell (father), Cole and Perry, who is a student at our school, Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center.


If you have any questions, please contact us at education@carolinecalouche.org.

CC&Co.’s educational programming focuses on



Educational Shows

Students can see a professional dance concert at a discounted price.  Educational Shows are at the Booth Playhouse in the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Uptown Charlotte.  Teachers will receive a Teacher Guide for the performance and students participate in a Question and Answer session immediately following the performance with the dancers.


Stories in Motion

Stories in Motion will support creative thinking and collaboration.  Students will create short narratives inspired of their writing samples and also write a story based off movement.

Building Community Through Circus Arts

This residency will show how circus arts can promote community and collaborative problem solving.  We can use aerial silks, trapeze or partner acrobatics to unite students.  By the end of every class, students are celebrating each other’s successes and have either created bridges or strengthen their connections to each other.

Fees for each residency depends on the number of classes and hours with each class.  Please email us at education@carolinecalouche.org with details on your residency or workshop.

We have enjoyed working with the following schools:
Ardrey Kell High School
Bradley Middle School
Community Charter School
Crestdale Middle School
East Gaston High School
Eastover Elementary School
First Ward Creative Arts Academy
J. M. Alexander Middle School
Garinger High School
Hough High School
Hunter Huss High School
Oakdale Elementary School
Oakridge Middle School
Omni Montessori School
Park Road Montessori School
Penn-Griffin School of the Arts
Piedmont Community Charter School
Ridge Road Middle School