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Touring Shows

SG 1080.jpg

A Trek Into Outer Space


Number of Dancers: 7

Audience Age: 6-12

Stargazer blends video projection with dance and circus arts to fly you through our solar system. Stella is a young and curious girl who gazes out her bedroom window one night wondering what it would be like to visit the other planets. Join Stella on an adventure through our Milky Way with this fun and exciting performance. Calouche’s creativity is at its best in Stargazer with whirling dancers on rope and harness as Jupiter’s Red Eye and billowing white silks with swirling contemporary dancers as Neptune’s gusty winds.

Rouge23 1440x1440.jpg

Expect the Unexpected


Number of Dancers: 6

Additional Artists: 1 Singer/ MC

Audience Age: 16+

From comedy to thrills, the CC&Co. dancers will entertain you cabaret-style. We have an exciting evening for you filled with gravity-defying aerial acts and tantalizing dance. This show is for mature audiences (PG).

Lingua new design 300 x 300-01 (1).jpg


Number of Dancers: 6

Audience Age: 14+

Language shapes how we perceive and react to the world.  'Lingua' is an immersive dive into linguistics.  Caroline Calouche has created a unique show that breaks down how we use elements of linguistics like tone, syntax, gestures and symbols to communicate that is entertaining and bitesize.

CT22 1440x1440.jpg

A Cirque and Dance Nutcracker Story

Clara’s Trip

Number of Professional Dancers: 12

Number of Community Youth: 8 - 16

Audience Age: 6+

Clara trips at a holiday party and is whisked off to the hospital to learn that her ankle is broken.  That night her friends and get-well gifts swirl in her dreams. This show is the perfect family event during the holiday season.


Carmina Burana

Number of Dancers: 8

Audience Age: 16+

CC&Co. brings to life Carl Orff’s gripping cantata for orchestra and choir. Poetic scenes of passion and spiritual liberation will send your pulse racing.

Animalia sq.jpg


Number of Dancers: 4-5

Audience Age: 4 - 10

Dr. Knowsalot will take you on an adventure across the globe to learn about koalas, panthers and butterflies – oh my!  Animalia is an imaginative, high-energy circus and dance show for the entire family.

RAK 2022 1440 x 1440.jpg

Random Acts of Kindness

Number of Dancers: 4-5

Audience Age: 6+

A flower.  A hug.  A kind act.  Random Acts of Kindness brings to life a few ways that we can show appreciation for ourselves, others and the Earth.  This show will entertain and warm your heart.

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