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Red Chairs

2022-23 Season




A contemporary twist on a holiday classic.

Clara attends a holiday party hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Flowers.  At the party, she meets Beau and they dance the night away.  Only one problem.  Clara is a passionate dancer but not the most coordinated.  She trips, falls and is whisked off to the hospital to learn that her ankle is broken.  That night her friends and get-well gifts swirl in her dreams.  Come one, come all to the perfect holiday treat for your friends and family!

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February 10: Fletcher Opera Theatre at the Duke Energy PAC

February 11: Greensboro Carolina Theater

February 17 - 19: Charlotte | Booth Playhouse

​Expect the unexpected.  From comedy to thrills, the circus artists and dancers will entertain you cabaret-style.

Led by our Madame of Ceremonies Rachael Houdek,

We have an exciting evening for you filled with gravity-defying aerial acts and tantalizing dance. This show is for mature audiences (PG).

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A Trek Into Outer Space



May 4 - 6

Booth Playhouse

Stella, a young and inquisitive girl, gazes out her bedroom window one night wondering what it would be like to visit the other planets. Join Stella on an adventure through our Milky Way.

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