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Cyara Hotopp

Cyara Hotopp is a lover of circles, mom of two, and recovered attorney based out of Columbus, Ohio. She specializes in aerial hoop, sling, and skating on both ice and on wheels. Growing up, Cyara trained hard as a competitive figure skater and is a US Figure Skating Association triple gold medalist. 


Cyara began taking aerial classes as a way stay in shape and to channel her creative energy, and she fell in love with the art form! She now keeps busy as a professional performer and aerial instructor, and has had some wonderful opportunities for which she is eternally grateful. 


Most notably, she has worked with Shade Productions as an aerialist at Six Flags Great America, and she has appeared on stage in front of thousands alongside Greensky Bluegrass and Dark Star Orchestra. She is very excited to continue growing and making a name for herself in this industry! 

Cyara who is a white woman in an aerial hoop spinning in a red costume
Cyara on the ground in a lunge arched back wearing a black sports bra and white shorts
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