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Caroline Calouche headshot photo

Artistic & Executive Director

Caroline Calouche

Caroline's dancing roots began in the small town of Gastonia, North Carolina (12 miles outside Charlotte) and branched out Texas Christian University for two BFA degrees in Ballet and Modern Dance.  From there she studied in Europe in Rome, Brussels and then completed a postgraduate program in choreography at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.  

Finally homesick, Caroline returned to her hometown and saw that Charlotte had a stronger arts scene then when she left for college.  So she founded the contemporary dance and aerial company Caroline Calouche & Co. in 2006.   She is known for blending contemporary dance with aerial arts as well as merging ballet, partner acrobatics and contact improvisation to create her own style in floor partnering.  

She has created over 70 choreographic works for the professional stage.  Notable works are 'Carmina Burana', 'Lingua', 'Star Gazer' and 'Clara's Trip'.  She continues to push herself physically as a performer and mentally as a choreographer.  

Many people have inspired her along the way in the dance and circus field.  Some influential teachers are Li-Chou Cheng, Elizabeth Gillaspy, Mary Cochran, Susan Douglas Roberts, Kerry Kreiman, Susan Quinn, Joao da Silva, Andrew Harwood, Libby Farr, Keren Levi, Elsie and Serenity Smith, Molly Graves, Susan Murphy, Nancy Smith, Nicole Merman, Christine van Loo, Aimee Hancock, Amanda Lynch, Rodleigh Stevens and Tanya Burka.

Caroline is also certified in the BASI Pilates Method, Gyrokinesis and Nimble Arts Silks Foundation Level 1. She has taught as an adjunct professor at the Dance Departments in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Winthrop University.  


She is the founder and director of the Charlotte Dance Festival.


She believes in continuous learning and experiencing the world will help not only develop you as an artist but as a person too.

Caroline has a photographic memory and loves sushi.

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Caroline upside down on the ground on 1 shoulder with legs in the air in a V pose
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