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You can experience our solar system through the eyes of a young and inquisitive girl named Stella.  Caroline Calouche's 'Stargazer' show features athletic, graceful and mesmerizing dance and circus artists that will take you on an incredible adventure through our Milky Way.  

show times

Thursday, May 4, 7pm

Friday, May 5, 7pm

Saturday, May 6, 3pm

Saturday, May 6, 7pm

At every show, we will have the following available for those with learning disabilities, sensory challenges and young children.  


Sound dampening headphones

Fidget toys

Calming Area in the lobbies

Know Before You Go document that will include which scenes have loud music or abrupt lighting changes.

If you are a school educator or homeschool parent, you can bring your students to our School Shows.  Click Here For Details

Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center Student Company Performers

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