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Avi Wolf Borouchoff

Avi Wolf Borouchoff returns for a second show with Caroline Calouche & Co.!  In the Summer 2021, he performed in Animalia and Random Acts of Kindness. 


He began dancing at the bright age of eighteen after being inspired by Pilobolus Dance Theater. Becoming heavily involved in the theater program at Milwaukee High School of the Arts, Avi fell in love with dance after one of his mentors encouraged him to enroll in a Jazz class. He now holds a BFA in dance from Temple University and is eager to submerge himself into the world of performing arts. He has performed in NYC with Gunnar Montana Productions, as well as Montreal with Montreal Completement Cirque. 

Avi is a regular performer at Fabrika Fishtown in Philadelphia. Avi specializes in Aerial Straps but has heightened awareness of silks, rope and partner acrobatics. With a background in competitive cross-country, gymnastics, and swim, Avi wastes very little time in developing a unique blend of athleticism and dance.

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