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Sarah Small 

Sarah Small takes her coffee with sugar or flavored syrup, and began as an aerial student with Caroline Calouche & Co. in 2011.  Since discovering her passion, she has trained dance and circus arts with Jen McQueen, Ukoiya Mastin, April Skelton, Susan Murphy, Tanya Burka, Maria Caruso and Pauline Legras. Some of her favorite roles at Caroline Calouche & Co. have included Fate (Carmina Burana), Moon (Stargazer), Doctor (Clara’s Trip).

Sarah is currently pursuing her Associate's Degree studies in Dance Performance under the tutelage of Clay Daniel and Tracie Chan at Central Piedmont Community College. Even though double-jointed in her left pinky, Sarah spent her formative years as an oboist, pianist, vocalist, and percussionist. Sarah is a faculty member at the Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center as well as a performer for Elevate performance company.

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