Nick Ng

Nick is a pirate captain, space tiger, and aerial dancer that prides himself on dynamic, gravity-defying technique. Some would call it “falling with style”. During one of his thrilling strings of whooshy momentum composed of split-second tricks, you may forget to blink or breathe. Yet, he balances his performances by weaving in carefully crafted moments to connect with you and remind you that he’s still human. Even before he enters the space, he’ll draw you in with his presence, perhaps donning his rainbow poncho, colorful braids, or welcoming smile. He’ll welcome you to use one of his crazy self-care tools or show you pictures of his dog, Mr. President. 

Starting his circus career in Austin, TX, he has toured throughout the US and abroad, training, teaching, competing, and performing in over 50 spaces with hundreds of internationally renowned movement artists. He has worked with Dolly Parton, Acrobatic Conundrum, Blue Lapis Light, Cirque du Soleil artists and choreographers, and several circus companies and schools throughout the nation. His is a never-ending pursuit to refine his movement and presence, and learn new ways to tell stories. Because, beyond Nick’s rigorous training and dedication, he desires to share those stories and inspire you to follow your dreams, look deeper within yourself, and leave the world a better place for future generations. Nick is following his dream. Let him bring you on an adventure.