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Constance 'Echo' Palmer

Born in Germany, Constance Echo Palmer began dancing at a very young, age primarily focusing her energy on ballet. Upon moving to the United States in 1999 she continued her dance training with a number of small companies until she went to University. In her time away from dance she began work as a Magician's assistant at which time she developed her craft of fire performance, beginning with fire eating and eventually moving on to object manipulation and fire breathing. In 2008 she discovered pole dancing which led her to explore other apparatuses including silks and rope. 

In 2014 Constance opened The Space: A Movement Arts Studio, where she teaches dance and aerial arts, as well as hosting workshops and special events. As an aerial performer, Constance has been honing her craft in a variety of settings including stage and theatre productions, corporate events and benefits, bike ralleys and festivals, side show, and nightclubs. Performing in such varied settings has helped her grow into a versatile performer that can provide Atmospheric Entertainment or Choreographed Showcases, both in the air and on the ground. Constance's aim as a performer is to walk the tight rope between bizarre and beauty.

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