Chance LeVan

Chance LeVan was born in Statesville, North Carolina and studied dance at Tilley’s Dance Academy.  In his later years studying there, he also began choreographing award winning Hip-Hop solos, Duets, and group pieces for competition. Upon graduating high school he continued to teach and choreograph Hip-hop for TDA. He then spent time training in Los Angeles with many choreographers and performers to hone his talent. Chase also travels to conventions to refine his style and learn other styles.

Chance began performing with Caroline Calouche & Co. in the premiere of “Clara’s Trip” as a hip-hop dancer and continued to perform with the company, yearly. Going on to work more with Caroline Calouche & Co. he performed in their premiere of “Rouge” and joined on their tour of the show.  Chance aspires to be a traveling Hip-hop teacher and choreographer spreading his style and positivity.