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Email info@carolinecalouche.org 

Contact Donna Mitchell at SponsorLink for details.

To audition, please send résumé and photo to Info@carolinecalouche.org prior to the audition date.


Main Company and Apprentice Positions
– Must perform in all Season Shows
– Expected to have the ability to perform both aerial and dance choreography
– Project Pay / Free Classes at our school (Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center)
– Experience in teaching is a plus
– Rehearsals and Performances are August 1 – May 30
– No Aerial experience needed, but you are expected to train.
– Unless you have aerial and dance experience, you most likely will be considered for an Apprentice or an Adjunct Dancer Position.


Paid and Unpaid Adjunct Dancer Positions
– Dancers who would like to do 1 – 2 shows during the season and special projects.
– Pay for Adjunct Dancers is determined by casting, experience in aerial and dance as well as availability.
– Not all roles in our shows require an adjunct dancer to perform both aerial and dance.
– Free classes

– Always see a show of the company you are interested in dancing with.
– Caroline is looking for dancers who are interested in being apart of our mission and vision for a long-term basis no matter what position you begin in.  She is interested in dancers who want to continue to push their boundaries to grow their physical and performance technique.
– Feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding your audition.