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Alabi Orisadele

A native of Raleigh, NC, Alabi is a performer, producer, leader, and candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Applied Dance with a concentration in modern dance forms from UNC charlotte. His artistic interests are in modern, contemporary and African diaspora techniques with research focusing on the benefits of kinesiological movements of the body and it’s uses for therapy and rehabilitation across various populations including athletes and performing artists. Along his journey, he hopes to connect with those around him and build a sense of community and appreciation for the arts across all cultures. He has served as the president for MOVE Dance Alliance and actively makes dance more accessible by instituting drop in classes throughout the semester. He has worked with and performed for Aj Glasgow, Todd Kubo,Tamara Williams, Kim Jones, Melinda Rashadinha, and Rosangela Silvestre of Silvestre Technique. He is the recipient of the 2022 Martha Graham winter intensive scholarship and 2022 Movement Migration Scholarship. He assists in developing lesson plans and choreography for k-8 students through an outreach program, Ourbridge for Kids.

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